What hurts your feelings?

posted on 13 Nov 2009 22:01 by aftershockjoe
When people don't trust you.
When they don't believe it when you are telling the truth.
When people think that you are stupid.
When people get in your face and try to embarass you in front a group of people.
When people judge you without even trying to get to know you ..
now a days people don't seem to care about other's or what they are thinking because people tend to judge others by the outside. i always smile to show that i'm not sad of in pain, so everyone thinks i'm just weird happy girl.
i think if a friend betrays you can hurt me the most.it's when someone you always supported and cared for ..all of sudden backstabs you. not saying bad stuff behind you back, but how they say that i'm trash and i never belonged right in front of me..i always feel that i needed acceptance, someone to notice, for once, that i'm alive that i have feelings too.

feelings or ego?

feelings don't get hurt.
only the ego gets hurt.



i like its a lotttt !!
 PS.  repeating this if you get hurt...
"someone can hurt you only if you let them to"
credit: payton  idelto cateod.




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